The Scared is scared – A Movie by a 6 year old

The Scared is scared – A Movie by a 6 year old

A 6 year old’s Fantasy and Advice turned into a Movie


A Movie by a 6 year old is magic!  When Bianca Giaever asked a six-year-old what the movie she was making for college should be and she turned that earful into a piece of simply magic.

The movie, called the Scared is scared, tells the tale of a bear, a mouse, swimming pools, sleepovers, friendship, pizza and life. It’s excitement, fear, joy and bewilderment wrapped up into a story full of heart and humor that only a six-year-old’s imagination could provide.  Mashable

It took me a moment to get into the head and simply go with the flow of wild imagination and dream thoughts but then it became so wonderful.  How often do we turn off the magic of innocence and force them to be logical vs retreating to their world and enjoy the moment?  I could make a movie like this – could you?


This Movie by a 6 year old is pure Movie Magic!  I especially love that the scared is scared when you refuse to think about it.

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