Going Gray Gracefully?

Going Gray Gracefully?

DixieThe Bravery of going gray!

Are you Going Gray gracefully or going gray kicking and screaming all the way.  Aging is difficult enough without the additional burden of going gray!  I look around and see some people wear it well while others of us simply get mousy and old.

My very good friend went gray early and dyed her hair for years.  Finally, one day she decided – enough is enough and went totally gray.  Her hair is gorgeous, her face is softened, her beauty is enhanced.  I only hope to be that lucky.

The New York Times profiled a group of women who organized a mini-demonstration that featured a “band of silver-haired marchers” who descended upon Times Square to bring in the noise, bring in the funk — hair color-style. Awesomely named the Silver Sisters Strut, co-organizer and model/blogger/brand Cindy Joseph said “[w]e are the women that we wished we would have had in our lives, if they weren’t busy getting their hair dyed.”

Aging is often hidden and marginalized in our society, and it’s thrilling to see women embracing a hair color and style that some consider undesirable because of its implications about age and sexuality.

All that being true, I still don’t know what I’ll do when I start to go gray. Am I a wimp because I’m not sure I’ll have the confidence to rock the sleek silver hair?


photo by: Faith R

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