Elf on the Shelf – Ideas for 2014 Holiday Cheer

Elf on the Shelf – Ideas for 2014 Holiday Cheer

elf_on_the_shelf_1The mischievous elf strikes again. Will he be as grouchy, silly as ever? Or did he learned his lesson last time around?

Although it seems like too much work – getting the elves dressed and hiding them in places for kids to find and seeing them wake up filled with undeniable excitement is worth the effort.  No matter how silly the elf tradition is, as long as it makes everyone happy, then that’s all that matters. 

We did not have the Elf on the Shelf when I was growing up or even when my children were young but he certainly makes the holidays fun!  Sometimes he keeps a mischievous child in check and sometimes he is just a good sport and a great Facebook post.  No matter what, he or she is part of the tradition today.

Here’s a collection of Elf on the Shelf ideas and inspirations for a holiday cheer with the kids at home. Stay creative and have fun!

1. The Snow Angel Elf


Photo from howdoesshe.com

2. The Chocolate Candy Hunter


Photo from rebeccalundin.com

3. The Shower Lover


Photo from MandywithMultiples

4. The Playful Elf


Photo from Efficient Life Skills

5. The Techie Elf


Photo from Lil Blue Boo

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