Does She Talk Too Much?

Does She Talk Too Much?

She May Talk Too Much but She is Funny

Does she talk too much?  Some people say that women talk too much.  This little one does seem to fit that profile.  But does she talk too much?  As a talker from a early age and she certainly implies she has something to say!  This video is so funny!  We know that some babies have a language of their own and sometimes twins can understand each other but I have never heard this much come forth at once!  Wonder what in the world she is talking about and what she needs to be satisfied?

Does she talk too Much?

Do women talk more than men? Proverbs and sayings in many languages express the view that women are always talking:

Women’s tongues are like lambs’ tails – they are never still. –English

The North Sea will sooner be found wanting in water than a woman at a loss for words. –Jutlandic

The woman with active hands and feet, marry her, but the woman with overactive mouth, leave well alone. –Maori

Some suggest that while women talk, men are silent patient listeners.

When both husband and wife wear pants it is not difficult to tell them apart – he is the one who is listening. –AmericanNothing is so unnatural as a talkative man or a quiet woman. –Scottish

Others indicate that women’s talk is not valued but is rather considered noisy, irritating prattle:

Where there are women and geese, there’s noise. –Japanese.

What do you think?  Does she talk too much?

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