Consumer Economy and Baby Boomers

Consumer Economy and Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers created the Consumer Economy

The Consumer Economy is based on Baby Boomer consumption.  Baby Boomers created this Consumer Economy and now that we are beginning to downsize, the whole thing is falling apart.  Business and Marketers have not kept up with our needs and therefore, what I want, what you want, what 80 billion people want we cannot find.  To revive the Consumer Economy and Baby Boomer purchases we need to create:

  1. I want a smaller home but with the conveniences and elegance found in larger homes
  2. I want clothes designed to look good on a mature body not a stick
  3. I want intellectually stimulating television not another version of what I want to be when I grow up
  4. I want movies with perspective not just random shoot em ups
  5. I want food sized and spiced appropriately – I do not burn 1000 calories an hour any more – and I want it priced right too.
  6. I want respect from the media and politicians
  7. I want a car that looks cool (not old foggy) but is easy to get in and out of gracefully
  8. I want services that can help with things I no longer want to do – yard work, house work etc but I want it to be reasonably priced – $50 hour is too high
  9. I want patience and consideration for retail clerks
  10. I want hair that does not look like I gave up
  11. I want make up that does not clump in my creases
  12. I want public transportation that is comfortable and safe
  13. I want exercise options that do not make me feel like a failure
  14. I want food packaged for two
  15. I want to see mature romance without the advertisement for viagra or ciallis

Baby Boomer What do you want?  What is the meaning of Consumer Economy going forward

Marketing Zeus: Baby Boomers: America’s Great Consumer Generation

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