Back to School Lunches: High-five for the Kids!

Back to School Lunches: High-five for the Kids!

The 1st of September, known in US as Labor Day, also raises the curtain on a new school year.  Almost all children are excited in the prospect of meeting new classmates, catching up with their old buddies and playmates, and meeting their new teachers.

Happy first day of school

A child is required to attend classes a certain number of hours every school day. They are also expected to stay attentive and focused in order to learn. They will deal with lectures, exams, interactions and extra-curricular activities the entire day. With an energy-draining schedule like this, a child regardless of their vitality and high energy levels, could experience fatigue if they’re not eating healthy and getting enough sleep the night before.

A new parental expectation includes introducing children to the concept of eating a healthy, balanced diet. We are expected to instill in their young minds a healthy lifestyle to form healthy habits for a lifetime.  Serving fruits and vegetables during meals at home is a good start. Also, preparing the children’s school snacks or packed lunch will help ensure the quality of your child’s food and diet.

For busy moms, dads and nanas who don’t have the luxury of  preparing your child’s snacks, schools are now required to serve healthy snacks and meals to the students in accordance with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). But as I recall, most of that healthy stuff was thrown away and kids just shared their friends lunches or did not eat.

Junk foods and sodas are often regulated and not sold on the campus’ cafeteria and vending machines. These foods are low in fiber and high in sugar or fat which are not beneficial for a child’s body. But, a school lunch or a meal must provide a child’s daily need of calories, protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and essential nutrients.

If you can prepare your child’s lunch try to make it fun.  There are “cool” lunch items and embarrassing lunch items. Be sure to know what your child is comfortable with.  If he is 7 he will probably be happy to get a note in his lunch box from his mom but if he is 12 – probably not.

Lunch box with surprise note

I understand that the character lunchboxes of the kindergarten set are frowned upon by the first graders.  I love the bento boxes for packing lunches but heard from my granddaughter that these are a perfect signal that your mom is an obsessive compulsive helicopter mom.  So stay current to keep them happy and healthy!

I laughed till I fell off my chair reading this humorous look at the .

But if you are serious, here’s are some that will truly make your lovies enjoy their meal!

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