A Flashback on Baby Boomer Generation Toys

A Flashback on Baby Boomer Generation Toys

Baby Boomer Toys

Baby Boomer Grandparents enjoyed playing with classic and vintage toys in their childhood ; some of these toys were wood-carved, some were made from new “space age”  materials. Reminiscing about the toys that were once loved by many and seeing how they change through the decades makes us nostalgic.  This is especially true of the baby boomer generation.

The boomers make up a great number of the population and they are willing and able to spend money on purchasing toys for their grandsons and daughters. The act of giving gifts is their way of bringing back good old memories.  This helps them to feel young and to create a new unforgettable memory when playing with their precious little ones.

Of course, the baby boomer grandparents are picky and are the ones who personally choose the toys they give. Moreover, they want their grandchildren to somehow experience the same childhood as they did – exploring and adventures in the great outdoor, social games, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and playing with toys that cultivate creativity, skill and infuse learning in a different way.

A Blast from the Past: Baby Boomer TV Toy Commercials

At first I did not want to admit that I could remember these ancient toys but as I watched I saw the Machine Man and Steve Canyon helmet that my brothers got for Christmas one year.  I am sure there was a Chatty Cathy in there somewhere and of course there must be a Barbie.  After watching the video, it instantly reminded me of my childhood memory lane where everything seemed so simple and filled with fond memories.

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